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Bathroom vanities

July 29th, 2012

Bathroom vanities is a smart element for your bathroom these days. Bathroom vanities looks good but also provide storage in the bathroom. It is organizer element that make things more accessible. If you are remodeling your bathroom then you could plan your bathroom accordingly that makes your bathroom more lavish and rich.

Bathroom Vanity Design

Enormous variety in the material for bathroom vanities gives you more choice that can bring style and function to your bathroom. Bathroom vanities can be used in small as well as large bathrooms. In small bathrooms you can have practical vanities that provide you ample storage and should be durable but takes less space to stand. There are lot of options available in vanities such as single sink, double sink, corner, curved front, bow front and wall-hung vanities.

Actually bathroom vanities are freestanding tables that have sink on the top and lower part provides storage. It is actually a decorative component not only hides that plumbing but make toiletries and other things more accessible.

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Kitchen Back Splash

November 15th, 2011

Kitchen is a place where you spend time for preparing food for your beloved persons. Interior and style of the kitchen show your taste and it’s also reflects in your dishes also. Kitchen backsplash is an area which easily gets stained when you prepare meals. To protect that area from stain you can use various materials and cover your backsplash in a stylish way. Now day’s stylish and trendy backsplash is a fashion statement. It gives new look to your kitchen. Design and style of kitchen backsplash depends on How Creative You Are? If you have so many unique and different ideas, then you can give a totally different look to your kitchen with fashionable backsplash.

Kitchen Back Splash

Nowadays, various varieties of material for back splash are available in market. You can use tiles, stone, marble, steel, wood, brick, and glass anything. Or you can use a mix and match of different materials for stylish back splash. If you want something more unique and modern, then you can go with stylish task lights. These lights give proper lighting for your work place and create magical lighting effects and add charm to the kitchen.  But always one thing that you should keep in mind, back splash should be functional and easy to maintain. Fancy back splash looks attractive for certain period of time, after that they became maintenance overhead.
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Veranda Decoration

June 6th, 2011

Veranda (Gallery) is an additional space of the house it can be interior or exterior. We can use the space for relaxation and entertainment; a decorative veranda can enhance the beauty of the homes. As this space usually belongs to exterior of the house so it is the first place where the guests are welcomed and stayed on arrival at home. So the place should be decorative and attractive, and you can easily decorate the space by adding flower, pieces of scenery, painting and artwork.Designs of VerandaYou can give any design to your veranda like:• Curved roof designs• Flat Roof Designs• Sun Roof DesignsLighting for VerandaLighting can add more beauty to your veranda at night. You can use Table Lamps for aesthetic look and warm atmosphere to veranda. String lighting makes your evening more enjoyable and interesting. You can also use Ceiling Fans Light, the fan gives you cool air and lighting is also attached. You can also use Candles, save you electricity and gives a feel of hot and romance around.Furniture for VerandaWhen you are going for the furniture arrangement in your veranda the available space should be kept in mind. If you have a less space then you should go with two piece furniture if you have a big veranda then you can select more furniture for your veranda. It should be kept in mind that the place doesn’t look messy or cluttered. The color of furniture also considered. You can go for dark or light colors, but always remember that the light colors make the space look large the dark colors make the space look small.Decorative Pieces for VerandaTo give a final touch and elegance, decorative pieces play a main role. You can place plants with decorative vases and sculptures can add more beauty to your veranda.

Design Your Bathroom with Glass

April 25th, 2011

Glass never becomes old fashioned; it always goes with the style and can provide an amazing and romantic appearance in your bathroom. Glass not only make your bathroom look unique but also make it spacious. If you are going to remodel your bathroom then glass is a better idea. You can also use colored glass in bathroom. It can be available in different-different forms such as Bent, Fuse, Roasted and Sintered. More glass in your bathrooms will look more appealing and mysterious.You can use washbasins, bathtubs, peculiar worktops and shower doors etc. made of glass. Use of a glass in your bathroom will definitely make your bathroom look modern and turns into a stylish zone by using such innovative ideas as follows:

  • Glass Bathroom Vanities- A Sophisticated Look
  • Glass Tiles- A Wow Trend in Bathrooms
  • Glass Block Windows- Privacy plus Security
  • Glass Countertops- Non-Traditional and Beautiful Choice
  • Open Glass Shelves- Easy Approach of Bathroom Accessories
  • Glass Walls and Partitions- Creating Aesthetic & Romantic Atmosphere
  • Glass Shower Enclosure- Modern Bathroom Beauty.

Bathroom Glass Design
Glass Walls and Partitions- Creating Aesthetic & Romantic Atmosphere 
Glass walls or door and partitions are very appropriate for the bathroom attached with the bedroom or the toilet attached with the bathroom, you can easily separate them by using the glass partitions or walls. Glass can enhance the look of your bathroom as well as bedroom. You can give more interesting and appealing approach to bathroom by using stained glass rather than using a plane glass as stained glass comes with various designs and looks so decorative.
Glass Shower Enclosure- Modern Bathroom Beauty
Shower enclosure can make your bathroom pleasing as well as functional. Although you can use shower curtain to separate the shower with bathroom but it can cause a chance to grow molds and bacteria’s and it totally unhygienic to you. Using the glass paneled shower door doesn’t create any harmful bacteria’s. Glass paneled doors always provide healthy and hygiene and bacteria free environment in your bathroom. Stylish glass shower can improve the look and feel of your bathroom luxurious. A wide range of styles and designs available nowadays such as clean, frosted, patterned and stained. Shower enclosure can be opting for small space bathrooms with an idea to place them in corner. Corner style shower enclosures offer a high degree of functionality and provide a fantasy of more space. Glass shower enclosure comes with an advantage of easy to clean and maintain.
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Skylight Ventilation

April 22nd, 2011

When you want to enjoy natural lighting and fresh air, skylights or roof lighting is a better option. It refreshes your body and keeps your mind cool. Skylight also give you relax from depression, enhance your working capacity, produce healthy environment in homes.

Skylight Ventilation

Skylight is an innovative method of natural lighting. It allows natural light come down from rooftop throughout a reflective tube or a big doom and window and provides the light whole of the day. These skylights confine sunlight and give splendid lighting in early morning or late afternoon even in cloudy days. The skylights provide natural lights 8 times more than the windows and doors do. While fixing skylights, ensure that proper sealing is made to prevent leakage through windows during rain. Skylights are also known as roof lights, skylights or glazed opening in the roof.

Benefits of Skylights

  • Sunlight provides healthy atmosphere for occupants of the house and this can be possible through skylights. It reduces electricity bills and darkness in the house.
  • Skylights also increase the loveliness of the house and make them look luxurious.
  • Skylights are too good for hospitals as proved that the recovery of patients is increased where enough natural light exists.
  • In direct sunlight students can learn and concentrate better, gain their health that’s why skylights are as important for classrooms and schools as for the hospitals.
  • Natural lights can increase the working capacity of an individual and be it factory or office and increases productivity of the organization.
  • Provide natural sunlight and proper ventilation to the house.
  • Reduce the energy/electricity bill.

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Modern Furniture

May 13th, 2010

When you hear the term ‘modern furniture’, the very first thing that comes to your mind is usually the cost factor. However, it is a myth that you’ve to do a costly renovation to your house, or shell out whole lot of money on buying expensive modern furniture items.Modern doesn’t essentially mean expensive; it rather means latest trendy furniture designs, which are quite popular in the market. Sure thing, if you’re on for style, you’re bound to spend a good deal of money. But, on the other side, it is possible to find good modern furniture deals within your budget – be it online of offline!It is quite essential to finalize on your requirements and purchase the furniture items accordingly, without really compromising on quality, or overrunning your budget.

For instance, you don’t really have to fill every nook and corner of your house with the latest modern furniture pieces; mixing them up with the existing furniture items, and other fashionable items that can spice up the interior decors of your residence, can help you in changing the looks of the property drastically!So, without really spending a great deal of money, one can totally change the way his/her interiors look like by buying few modern furniture items within their budget range, and placing them at the right places!To get ideas on interior decoration or kitchen decoration check out the website: Gharexpert.com

Vastu for Inducing Positive Energy in Homes

March 22nd, 2010

In today’s world of economic stress, competition and tensions everyone needs a place to recharge. Qualities of persons like inner strength, calmness and positive energy tremendously help in fighting the challenges in the world. Our home, which is our refuge every day can help us in regenerating positive energy and the principals of vastu shastra give us actionable items we could perform to bring energy in our homes . This post from GharExpert scratches the surface for Vast principals and highlights the area where these principals can be applied.

An ancient vedic study of architecture called vastu shastra for home has lots of solutions for creating positive energy. What vastu says about bedroom is that master bedroom should be in the south direction and while sleeping we should avoid to keep our head in north direction. And for bathroom vastu shastra advise that it should be in west or northwest direction of house. For kitchen, vastu principals say that it should be in north-west or in south-east corner.

There are guidelines for almost all areas of home such as pooja room, living room, toilets, drawing rooms and storage areas etc and all these collectively bring more positive energy in our homes. The vastu principals are quite comprehensive and GharExpert.com has a complete section dedicated to Vastu principals.

Choosing comfortable furniture for baby room

August 29th, 2009

Make a choice of comfy and ornamental furniture for baby room. The furnishings should compliment the décor of your little sweat heart’s room. If these articles are cozy and baby-friendly, your baby can enjoy a sound sleep. A few items like a crib, a changing table, a rocker or glider, a chest of drawers, a side table, and a toy box etc. are required in your baby room. Here are given some options for baby room furniture.

  • Baby Crib: cribs come in various styles like canopy, convertible, sleigh, rocking etc. You can choose any of cribs and match them according to the theme of your baby’s room. Convertible baby cribs are becoming popular as they convert into toddlers’ bed when your baby grows up. Always check safety standards of the crib.
  • Changing Table: Choose a comfortable and safe changing table for baby room. The table should have pad, guardrails and safety straps. If you are using changing table with no safety straps or pads, you can buy them separately and install them safely for the safety of your little baby.

Changing Table

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How to clean ceiling?

August 28th, 2009

The cleaning of ceiling is done first to avoid any dust marks on walls, furniture and floors. Regular cleaning of ceiling creates hygienic environment in the house. The cleaning of ceiling is a tough job and depends on dust or dirt accumulated on the surface of ceiling. Here are given some easy tips to clean the ceiling.   

  • Remove cobwebs: Cobwebs in corners of rooms make your room look unhygienic. To get rid of cobwebs, make use of cobweb brush. The brush should reach every nook and corner of the ceiling in order to eradicate any traces of cobwebs as some cobwebs are not easily seen. 
  • Utilize vacuum cleaners for textured ceilings: To clean ’spray-on’ textured ceilings, make use of a vacuum cleaner having a long extension and fitted with a soft brush tip. If you apply wet or wipe-down cleaning technique, the texture of ceilings will be affected adversely.   
  • Utilize damp sweeper to clean oily ceilings: Dirty and oily ceilings of kitchen should be cleaned using damp sweeper which is already treated to clear dust and filth. Take sponge and immerse it into the solution of cleaner and water. Now squeeze the mop and clean the surface to minimize water dripping. Make the surface of ceiling dry to eliminate water spots. 

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Modular Office Furniture

August 27th, 2009

Are you in search of right office furniture to make your office comfortable? Opt for modular office furniture which plays important role in smooth working of the office. It is a modern choice to enhance the look of your office also. Modular office furniture provides full comfort to the employees and avoids them from unnecessary discomfort. This offers the flexibility, a key to an efficient and productive office. As we spend much of the time sitting in office, much attention should be paid for comfortable office furniture.

Modular office furniture consists of parts designed to fit together in different combinations. If you need an L shape desk, you would get it easily. You might build the desk with two or three pieces of modular desk. Thus you can rearrange your office furniture as per your need.  

Modular office furniture

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